Embarrassed NSW Police say Chaser team could see jail time

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Embarrassed NSW Police say Chaser team could see jail time

Warning: Rant follows.

While the rest of the world are still laughing at the Chaser's stunt which made international headlines, some are not so amused.

The 170 million dollar security blanket was easily circumvented by the comedy team yesterday, and it is the humble opinion of this author that they wrong questions are being asked. I would like to know how this was so easily accomplished. The Chaser team isn't responsible for the lax security and have inadvertently highlighted a flaw.

NSW Police Minister David Campbell said:

"This is the most significant security event in Australia's history. It's the most significant, international, diplomatic event in Australia's history and therefore is extremely serious. They may indeed face a jail term."

Not likely, Mr Campbell, as the Chaser team don't make a move unless under the advisement of Lawyers, unless in this particular instance they chose to go against advice. If you want to go after anyone, go after the people who gave them the green light.

So sure, divert the attention away from the embarrassing security flaw if you want, but I am hoping the Australian public will see through that and realise the real story, that is of NSW security looking like a bunch of incompetent arses in front of the most powerful man in the world.

It happened, and just be thankful it wasn't real terrorists who got by.

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Friday 7th September 2007 | 05:10 PM

given the right sort of vehicle put on the suits and flags on the car and hey presto a motorcade. if you want to get away with something do it right under peoples noses.
which is what chasers did and stupidly simple at that. it is something you would only see in a hollywood movie and it has happened for real.
the police thought they had all bases covered except the bleeding obvious.
may be next time there are VIP's coming to town get chasers to do the security!!!!!

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Saturday 8th September 2007 | 03:56 PM

"If you want to go after anyone, go after the people who gave them the green light."

Are you suggesting that anyone who receives legal advice should be able to avoid criminal responsibility? Brilliant!

Mr Campbell does not need to go after the lawyers. If the lawyers provided poor advice they'll be sued by their clients.

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Wednesday 12th September 2007 | 07:01 AM

I just have a couple of things to add to this article, first off the chaser do not need legal advice as they have Julian Morrow, Craig Reucassel and Dominic Knight how all are graduated law school...

So they gave themselves the green light and the real reason they managed to get throug is that we train police officers and soldiers to look for terrorists who wear turbans and have 2 feet long beards.

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Wednesday 12th September 2007 | 08:57 AM

Dom: Isn't it still legal advice even if it's their own? :-)

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