New Bin Laden video rasies authenticity questions

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New Bin Laden video rasies authenticity questions

A fake beard? It sure looks like one. But it is still believed this new video from Osama bin Laden is authentic. A CIA spokesman has told ABC News this could certainly be a new video from Bin Laden.

The curious part is a screen grab from the video shows Bin Laden with a full dark beard, which is quite different to his previous videos where his beard is predominately grey.

A former White House counter terrorism official said:

"It does look oddly like he is wearing a false beard...If we go back to the tape three years, he had a very white beard. This looks like a phony beard that has been passed on."

Full story at ABC News.

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Monday 10th September 2007 | 10:40 AM

He looks like one of those zombies bush was raving about. I traveled to Saudi early last year and spotted atleast a dozen people who were dead ringers for bin Laden, it could easily be a doppleganger.

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Monday 10th September 2007 | 09:12 PM

do u believe anything you see on internet these days!!! still he could have dyed his beard for a more youthfull look!!!!

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Tuesday 11th September 2007 | 04:44 PM

CIA Say its still authentic. Sigh, in my opinion there probably only saying this so they have a better reason to stay in Iraq. "We have to stay until Bin Laden has been stopped"

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