Racists torture black woman for seven days

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Racists torture black woman for seven days

In what will turn out to be one of the most horrific cries of the year, six known racists are facing charges for kidnapping a twenty year old black girl and torturing her for seven days.

Judges are only focusing on the initial charges of kidnapping and sexual abuse that have been raised, but have not ruled out a race crime. Even though the punishment for kidnapping and sexual abuse is far greater than that for race crimes, the victims family is distraught that it is not being considered as such.

Aside from the sexual abuse, the victim was choked with a cord, stabbed in the leg while being racially taunted, had hot water poured over her, was forced to drink from a toilet, and beaten.

If I may interject with my humble opinion for a moment. If these allegations are true and correct (which it certainly appears to be), then what good will rehabilitation do for these racist pigs? What can they contribute to society other than oppression, hatred and chaos? I don't think it would be a miscarriage of justice if all the accused were sentenced to death.

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Friday 14th September 2007 | 10:04 PM

where did it happen...google wouldn't let me go any further

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Friday 14th September 2007 | 10:24 PM

My guess? Somewhere South America. Search Google News for "Megan Williams" and there are plenty of hits.

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Saturday 15th September 2007 | 01:56 PM

Hang the bastards.

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Saturday 15th September 2007 | 10:03 PM

The jails in the US are 65+% african american, the guy will either walk out with some respect for his fellow human or he will not walk out at all. My guess is that he would be targeted once arriving, much like a pedophile or rapist would be.

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Saturday 16th October 2010 | 12:51 PM

all of this is bull just read final call interview and re-do the interview with megan williams yes she over did it,all of that did not happened to her and it did not happened like that i met egan nov.3rd,2008 at the march and rallie in charleston west viriginia and i was the chairwoman of THE NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY for THE COLUMBUS,OHIO CHAPTERthat is hw i met megan but i got shayla williams first it is wired how all his become yes i do have five daughters 28,26,23,21 and 21 will be 22 oct.26 anyway i raied mines so all the bull being said about the caregiver i do not care keep tlken it just make me stronger thank you haters but i am the chosen one who GOD had send to w va,i am not saying nothing did not happened to megan i am saying it is alot offoul play going on with the story,people need to reopen the case and let megan tell her own story she know what happened,not me,byron potts,the n.b.p.p.,media only GOD and megan i teach megan and shayla how to be honest the right way to go,how to take care of there self,shayla also ben torture,abused,led the wrong way to go,use her,raped her ,beat her too so it is megan and shayla to me i do not care about no money but i refused to let anybody lied on me if i did not do it i did not do it so be it.i want to speak on nov.3rd,2008-till this day on,i was down there in w va like that did alot with carmen and meganwilliams i never had a problem with carmen she came to columbus,ohio will as megan and pend nights and weeks we visitedeach other home town one day carmen let megan come to ohio an she stated to megan do not be going downthere running your mouth and a few days later mathew and carmen come to get megan and when carmen enter my house she stated to megan what did you tell the yes i heard it both times and far as CARMEN WILLIAMS R.I.P MISS YOU.i received death threats and threats from w va,potts use megan afte he recanted her story he did not get i contact megan he did nothing be took her story and ran with it i was the one who told potts not to go onhe do not know nothing about megan he met her one day then the next day he recanted her story do not know mental statushe is the one who got his face over not me potts said fuck me and went around me straightto megan and beg her tomlet him tell the story and i gt my witness so i do not care what potts say fuck him will i hope somebody get back to us to hear the truth it is what it is thanks

Henk V

Henk V

Saturday 16th October 2010 | 01:05 PM
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Sounds like Ju-Ju

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