Convincing 3D with only 2 frames

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Convincing 3D with only 2 frames

This effect reminds me of those cheesy holograms I used to find in the breakfast cereal boxes when I was a kid. Except these are actually not to bad.

Accomplished by capturing the same subject from two slightly differently positioned sources (usually one or two degrees to the left or right), the resulting 3D effect can be achieved when the two images are looped back and forth.

It looks like it could easily be done with a couple of digital cameras on tripods, assuming you can get the shutters to fire off at exactly the same time.

Looks like I have a weekend project after all.




See more here.

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Friday 21st September 2007 | 10:49 PM

sounds like you could show me or put it out as a
i like the effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday 26th February 2008 | 01:01 PM

lol... i remember having old nursery rhyme books with those 3D effects on them.. flashback

looking at them too long makes me feel kinda sick tho. they need to come with a warning

CAUTION; do not watch if hungover or under influence of medication

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