Store owner denies games to kids with bad grades

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Store owner denies games to kids with bad grades

GameStop store manager Brandon Scott is refusing to sell video games to school ages children unless they can prove they are getting good grades.

He has so far refused 12 students, of which most returned with their parents who were able to prove they had good report cards. Said Scott:

"He needs to be reading a book. He knows how to play Madden before he knows how to do his ABCs and 123s - that's backwards."

It sounds like Scott might be doing the job of the parents, as he also claims he will personally a brand new game for any student who can show a report card with straight A's that has been signed by a teacher and parent.

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Sunday 23rd September 2007 | 09:30 PM

Good thinking but I wonder if its good for business.

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Monday 24th September 2007 | 01:06 AM

I work for a GameStop, and I wish we could do this. Unfortunately this manager has been let go by corporate HQ...

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