Free music service launches: But there's a catch

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Free music service launches: But there's a catch

Want free music without the negative stigma? You know what I mean. Anyway, a new service about to launch called SpiralFrog promises all the music you can eat - free.

How will they accomplish this without upsetting the RIAA or artists? To offset the cost SpiralFrog will be an advert supported service. On top of that the music files can not be burned to CD, which implies DRM will be part of the experience. That said, they do curiously allow the music to be transferred to any portable music device, as long as it isn't an iPod. Yes you read that right. No iPods.

Be warned. Although I can't personally vouch for SpiralFrog's intentions, 'add supported' often means 'we are gonna install heaps of spyware on your computer'.

Proceed with caution.

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Tuesday 25th September 2007 | 11:33 PM

how would they know if it an ipod..and secondly why not ipods?

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