Video Professor Inc suing John and Jane Doe

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Video Professor Inc suing John and Jane Doe

This is an interesting one. Video Professor Inc is filing a federal claim in court against 100 anonymous John and Jane Doe's alleging commercial disparagement, false advertising, misrepresentation, and posting false and defamatory messages on

Video Professor sells computer training videos and according to many disgruntled users, the company misrepresents itself and then confuses unsuspecting candidates into buying subscriptions they don't actually need or want. And although there is a 100% money back guarantee, attempts for refunds are futile. According to one user:

"I had purchased one piece of software from Video Professor... before I knew what was happening, my credit card was overdrawn and more attempted charges were constantly occurring. I kept calling customer service, returned the original software and heard many promises of the 100 percent refund, less S/H. This has been over 3 years now."

It gets better. Video Professor Inc contacted under the premise that they wanted the identities of all the people who had posted the comments, so that they could address their issues one by one. Two months later, Video Professor Inc has instead decided that suing them is the better option.

Full story at Ars Technica.

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Le Freak

Wednesday 26th September 2007 | 09:05 PM

Thats crazy stuff. How an you sue people for posting their truthful stories?

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Louis Cross

Thursday 25th October 2007 | 06:17 AM

So The Video Professor (the late-night infomerical "Try my product" dude, sued various bloggers and websites that were critical of their products and more importantly business practices.

Its nuts. Its unamerican. It also is apparently a lousy lawsuit.

The nonprofit law firm Public Citizen sent them this letter, and posted on their website.
It is killer.

Separately, I saw an article that ran on google news about a law firm going after Video Professor

I guess they are filing a class action and offered to represent the people VP is going after for free. Check out Pretty interesting.

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Thursday 25th October 2007 | 09:45 AM

Wow. The law firm is really going after the Video Professor. They even set-up a web site specifically for this case:

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