Racist guard breaks girls wrist for leaving crumbs

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Racist guard breaks girls wrist for leaving crumbs

School security guards have been caught on mobile phone video assaulting and breaking the wrist of a 16 year old girl who left crumbs behind after eating cake.

The guard asked her 3 times to clean up the cake she had dropped, and Pleajhai Mervin complied on each occasion. But that wasn't enough for the guard, who forced her into an arm lock against a table and broke her wrist while using the racial slur 'nappy head'.

But it gets crazier. The security guards had Mervin's mother arrested when she sought a lawyer to have them arrested, and was told she would also be arrested for allegedly pushing the guard and assistant principal. She has also been suspended from her job.

It gets worse. The school, clearly taking side with the security guards, arrested Mervin and suspended her for 5 days for battery and littering, and they also arrested the student who had filmed the incident, and his sister who was merely a witness.

We are in crazy times when support is shown towards a racist rent-a-meat-head who was caught red handed in front of several witnesses and on video clearly abusing his (limited) authority.

Videos here and here.

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