Homeland security arrests Counterstrike dev team

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Homeland security arrests Counterstrike dev team

This sounds like a joke so we will file it under 'rumours' at this stage, but according to 3 separate news sources, the game development team at Valve who made the Counterstrike mod have been arrested and detained by Homeland security.

Several computers have also been confiscated and the team is being held at an undisclosed location on charges of 'domestic terrorism'. Homeland Security Michael Chertoff said:

"Intelligence agencies working with law enforcement have discovered a vast and troubling network of gamers working together within our country training themselves in strategies and tactics that could potentially be used by domestic terror cells"

It sounds a little far fetched even for Homeland security. Read more here.

Update: Apparently our suspicions were correct and this is a hoax.

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Thursday 4th October 2007 | 08:28 PM

Vast and troubling indeed. But only because they us mil cant tap the rankings for the highest ranked players. as per their us army game.

LOL. sounds allot like a rumour. Lets hope so as its opens precedent for many troubling things.

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Thursday 4th October 2007 | 09:04 PM

Woah is this serious?

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Thursday 4th October 2007 | 10:32 PM

it has to be a joke/hoax surely.. or what if Al-Qaeda get a hold of the game and use it as a traning program just like it was rumoured they used flight simulator to teach themselves to fly..

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Thursday 4th October 2007 | 11:01 PM

wasnt it illegal to send playstation 1's to the middle east because they could use processors to make guidance missiles??

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Friday 5th October 2007 | 01:42 AM

Gotta be fake, other games like Ghost Recon (the original), Rainbox Six, and America's Army involve allot more real world tactics.

However, no computer game can teach you how to shoot a real gun so they would all be of limited use to a terrorist.

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Saturday 6th October 2007 | 10:07 PM

Update: Apparently our suspicions were correct and this is a hoax.

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