The return of Micallef

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The return of Micallef

Shaun Micallef's unique brand of comedy is one you either completely misunderstand or completely get, meaning you will either think he is a complete prat or a comedic genius. I come from the latter camp.

If you are a Micallef fan and like I yearn for his return, it seems our prayers have been answered. Commencing Wednesday nights from October the 10th SBS is airing 'Newstopia', which is described as 'A new comedy series by Shaun Micallef who stars as anchorman in this satirical half hour news bulletin'.

By that description it sounds like it could be an Australian version of 'The Daily Show', which can't be all that bad.

Not familiar with Micallef's work? Try these classics from his failed late night show a few years ago, though don't expect Newstopia to be anything like these.

The tilted room

Polite distances



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Mark Davies

Thursday 4th October 2007 | 11:19 PM

One of the great comedians. Very understated. I'm glad he really shone in his Thank God You're Here appearances because his style of humour was appreciated by a wider audience.

It's good that this is on SBS - they'll be less hasty with the axe.

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Thursday 4th October 2007 | 11:27 PM

he had a show on t.v few years back which i enjoyed and so did few others thats why it was was quite good.

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Friday 5th October 2007 | 07:57 PM

Yes all those clips were taken from his show on Ch 9 which sadly only lasted 3 months.

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Monday 8th October 2007 | 12:23 PM

Seachange was the best he has done for mine. So awkward.

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Sunday 11th May 2008 | 07:43 PM

I think its been axed already!

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