Firefox in your pocket: Mobile version on the horizon

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Firefox in your pocket: Mobile version on the horizon

Everyone's favourite browser is finally going mobile. According to Schrep's blog, Mozilla have often been asked when they plan to enter the mobile market, and now they "plan to rock it".

It's great news for anyone who cares about their browser (and if you don't, you really should!). The prospect of having the extension based architecture that makes Firefox so damn wonderful in your pocket is exciting.

We should see a version released as early as next year.

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Thursday 11th October 2007 | 03:13 PM

Haha you're so biased. Lucky I agree with you.

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Alter Ego

Saturday 13th October 2007 | 12:43 AM

I thought that Opera were trying to make good ground on the mobile scene. I feel sorry for them if FireFox comes and wipes them out once and for all.

IE and FF currently dominate the web browser market and Opera has lost out here, but they regained some points by having their browser on mobile devices - now they will really be screwed!

RIP Opera

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Saturday 13th October 2007 | 09:09 AM

I wasn't at all impressed by Opera Mini and found it performed sligish (and sometimes crashed) compared to the Nokia browser on my N95. The Nokia browser does have limitations as well (wont play flash content - youtube) and the interface could be better arranged. But generally it's good.

Bring on Firefox Mobile!

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