Barry Humphries receives CBE

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Barry Humphries receives CBE

I have never been a fan of Dame Edna but by jove it's good to see an Aussie receive this sort of acknowledgement. Barry Humphries has received the CBE (Commander of the British Empire) from the Queen for his life time achievement in the field of entertainment, which spans over 50 years.

It is not known however if his characters are to be addressed as 'Sir' Dame Edna and 'Sir' Sir Les Patterson.

Full story and video at ABC news.

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Thursday 11th October 2007 | 11:18 PM

went to see him/her last year and the show was brilliant....

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Friday 12th October 2007 | 09:11 AM

I find it more than a little funny that Elton John, having been an entitainer all of his life was knighted after performing for the Queen and all Bazza gets is this...

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