Vista Sucks

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Vista Sucks

Blip TV are showing a hilarious Vista video worth checking out. A lot of it is completely unfounded but it's still funny all the same. Check it out below.

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Saturday 20th October 2007 | 06:24 PM

yeah well put together and how true some of it can be!!!

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Monday 29th October 2007 | 05:45 PM

Neary Nov. 2007 I sold my computer to get a new one. Thinking it could be downgraded to XP but no drivers avalible!!!! It doesn't matter what I attempt to do VISTA stuffs it UP. Downloads, Installations, even word 2000 takes 3 mins to open. installed 2003 outlook it downloaded it but I didn't find it on the computer anywhere, then active sync not accepted, I cant syncronize outlook contacts so, throw out my HP iPAQ PDA now.

I AM DISCUSTED with the whole thing. It's worth nothing to me. May end up having to buy a secondhand computer.

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Saturday 24th November 2007 | 04:42 AM


Use Linux. Most distributions have great hardware support. Printing is an sisue sometimes but it's getting better.

Most apps for Linux are free as are most distributions of it.

There are pretty much no viruses and even if there were they wouldn't work as easily as on Windows.

I highly suggest it! I'd recommend (for a beginner to Linux) Ubuntu. Check otu and

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