File sharing according to a nine year old

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File sharing according to a nine year old

We've heard every argument for and against P2P from both expert and amateur alike, but what about the younger demographic? Torrentfreak has an interesting interview with a nine year old P2P file sharer.

Here is a portion of the interview with 'Hannah'.

TF. When did you first start using the internet to get music?
- My cousin showed me YouTube and then LimeWire and I was like "whoa cool!"

TF. What was cool about it?
- Because you can put anything in and it will come up and you don't actually pay for it. Well you have to pay for the internet and LimeWire comes with the internet but you have to pay for that so LimeWire isn't really free.

TF. Ok...I see....Do you get music from anywhere else?
- My cousin gets it from BEBO. She copies it from other people's pages and puts it on her own.

TF. Do you think it's ok to copy the music?
- Yes it's ok because she only does it to make her page better.

Read the full interview at Torrentfreak.

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Monday 22nd October 2007 | 09:54 PM

a kid with attitude

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Wednesday 24th October 2007 | 12:26 AM

Cute..."LimeWire comes with the internet"

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