Police use unwarranted excessive force on bystander

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Police use unwarranted excessive force on bystander

A Portland man is suing police after what he claims is unlawful seizure with excessive force when they tasered and beanbag gunned him for filming a warrantless search of his neighbours property.

It was when the police realised they were being filmed that they reacted. From the report:

When one woman was told to stop recording, she gave the videocamera to Waterhouse. He walked to the edge of the property, climbed up a dirt embankment and continued to record. At one point, he yelled to his friend, "Yes, I got it all on film. They had no right to come on this property."

He says in the suit that police immediately came after him, and yelled at him "put it down." Officers moved towards him, and he said, "Don't come after me." Waterhouse said seconds later he was shot with a bean bag gun and a Taser and fell to the ground.

In their defence, the Police stated they feared the camera "could be used as a weapon".

You can watch the video here. Full story at National Expositor.

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Tuesday 23rd October 2007 | 07:48 PM

ah another only in america...... but there are two sides to a story and the footage wasn't long enough...

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