Wrongly convicted man gets served

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Wrongly convicted man gets served

In 1987 thirty nine year old Dwayne Allen Dail was convicted for the rape of a 12 year old girl, based on some hair being found at the scene that was similar to his.

Well thanks to the marvels of modern technology, DNA evidence cleared Dail of any involvement, and last August he received a full pardon along with $360,000 compensation from the state. Not much in my opinion, but Dail's luck just got worse.

Last Tuesday he was served with a lawsuit from the mother of his child who is seeking - ready for it? - back payment for 18 years missed child support.

A devastated Dail said "I was thrown in prison. What could I do? I missed my whole life. I missed my son's whole life. I'm not the person to be compensating anyone for anything - not me".

Full story at wral.com.

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Friday 26th October 2007 | 10:58 AM

What a cop out. The state should pay for that, and you're right, the compensation is not even close to being acceptable for 18 years of imprisonment!

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Friday 26th October 2007 | 02:14 PM

So the guy gets anally violated in prison and again when he is released. Yay for lawyers.

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Alter Ego

Friday 26th October 2007 | 07:35 PM

Pathetic. Women are such gold diggers.

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Saturday 27th October 2007 | 01:44 AM

Child support laws in general are already screwed up, but ya, she is just gold digging there.

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Saturday 27th October 2007 | 09:59 PM

I bet if he wasn't awarded any compensation she probably wouldn't have bothered.

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Saturday 27th October 2007 | 10:03 PM

Read the complaint here...its only 2 pages... http://www.wral.com/asset/news/local/2007/10/24/1963207/dailsuit.swf

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Wednesday 31st October 2007 | 03:07 AM

Maybe, if anyone, he should give something to his son. Perhaps pay for a college education. But I'm guessing this woman never took the boy to see his dad or many attempt of allowing him to be part of the boys life. Unfortunately she'll probably win as US courts almost always side with mom.

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Thursday 1st November 2007 | 03:50 PM

only in america?

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