Chessboard killer insists he killed more

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Chessboard killer insists he killed more

One of Russia's most gruesome serial killers has been convicted of 48 murders, ending his 14 year killing spree despite his insistence he had killed many more.

Thirty three year old Alexander Pichushkin complained he had been treated unfairly by only being charged with 48 murders, claiming he had killed 63. But Police were not able to find that many bodies.

Pichushkin got his nickname because he apparently placed a coin on a chess board square every time he killed, but he was one short of filling all 64 squares.

Full story at the Telegraph.

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Monday 29th October 2007 | 11:54 PM

An update: he got a life sentence today:

In his trial he said: "In all these cases I killed for the same reason: to feel alive. The closer someone is to you, the more pleasant it is to kill," -ABC news.

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