Father wins case against 'God hates fags' church

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Father wins case against 'God hates fags' church

On Wednesday a Father whose son was killed in Iraq was awarded a near 11 million dollar law suit victory against a fundamentalist church.

Albert Snyder sued the church (who believe the Iraq war is a punishment for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality) after they demonstrated during the 2006 funeral of his son.

The church was found to be in guilty of liable for privacy invasion and intent to cause distress.

Full story at CNN.

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Thursday 1st November 2007 | 02:00 PM

It would be very distressing, having people protest something unrelated to your son, at his funeral. What's up with the person in the photo - holding a sign saying "God hates fags", with a big smile on their face, at someone's funeral??

Why did they pick on his funeral? The soldier in question wasn't rumoured to be gay, so what was their reason for targeting him in particular? Or was it random?

None the less, it serves them right. Financially, it's a stupid amount because they clearly can't ever pay it and that's typical of a legal system which lets the jury decide how much money should be paid, instead of the judge or the law.

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Thursday 1st November 2007 | 02:01 PM

That church is basically Fred Phelps and his extended family and friends, all of whom are severely uneducated prats with a combined IQ of a retarded ant. I can't see how they could raise this kind of money so hopefully this will be an end to those religious nutjobs.

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Thursday 1st November 2007 | 09:21 PM

Very interesting case. Apparently this church is quite large though and the evangelicals are in charge of a real mountain of cash. Ultimately, this vile act will teach them nothing, they will think that they are simply being challenged for what they probably believed was a righteous act, the preacher will tell the story of Job and they'll all walk away thinking it was a religious experience, feeling more pious than ever.

I highly recommend watching the movie 'Jesus Camp'. I tell you, these people are scary. They use the bible to string together malformed logic and literally brainwash the children. They segregate their children from ALL non fundamentalists and the kids grow up to emulate people like these above... tell me that terrorists aren't white americans!

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Thursday 1st November 2007 | 09:46 PM

I watched 'Jesus Camp' and it was saddening. I would say 'those poor children' except they don't know any better. So instead I will say 'those close minded parents!'.

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