X-Files sequel confirmed

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X-Files sequel confirmed

The upcoming movie schedule is looking promising right now (for me at least!) with J.J. Abrams forthcoming new Star Trek flick and Spielberg's Indiana Jones IV already in production, the announcement of a new X-Files movie is thus the icing on an already sweet looking cake. Yes, I'm an "X-phile", and I don't mind admitting it.

Both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will be reprising their roles as Mulder and Scully respectively. X-Files creator Chris Carter will be directing, but no plot details have been made public at this stage.

The new movie is due for a June 2008 release.


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Saturday 3rd November 2007 | 11:16 PM

I want to believe...

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Sunday 4th November 2007 | 01:45 AM

i thought that there was an x filemovie few years back that sort of concluded everything, or maybe not.....what to believe!!

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Sunday 4th November 2007 | 12:24 PM

The truth is still out there andrew. It was a great movie and it left too many questions unanswered. I think its about time I started watching the dvds again...

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Sunday 4th November 2007 | 01:45 PM

When the first X-Files movie came out, there was a plan to release 3 which would close the whole story line. Last I heard, there is still a plan to make 3 movies.



Saturday 25th September 2010 | 09:42 AM
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Now that this post is almost three years old, I am wondering if this is the one where he goes to Antarctica and goes down into caverns in the ice to rescue Scully. If it is this one-though I did like the T.V series-I thought it required just a bit too much suspention of disbelief.

I thought the part where they came up out of the icy caverns as their enemies all drove off forever into the white horizon was a bit too much. With no hope of rescue, the nesx scene shows them safe in the States again, with no explanation...This was a bit too much for me. I felt like there was no way to write them out, so it just became so.

I can trash my disbelief as well as the next guy, but this was just asking too much.


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Saturday 25th September 2010 | 11:14 AM
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...in response to this comment by Friendo. It was called "The X Files: I Want to Believe" and it was miserable. Not a worthy addition to the franchise unfortunately.


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