Hacker to rid the world of Mac smugness

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Hacker to rid the world of Mac smugness

A hacker going by the name 'Maclor' is on a mission: to rid the world of Mac smugness one web page at a time.

Maclor's blog only contains two entries at the time I composed this article, the first contains what is essentially his mission statement.

"Something is starting to stink, and I'm not the only one noticing. The Macosphere is filling up with crap. With 14 year olds blogging their Mac setups. With entire websites devoted to covering pretty Mac apps. This apple is rotting at its core...Everyone knows that when something starts to rot, the rot must be amputated to protect what is left."

The second entry essentially confirms the successful hacking of his first target GlennWolsey.com. Check out Glenn's page to see the message Maclor has left. Here is a screen grab just in case you missed it.

I have to say although I am not commending his actions, I do find the notion of curing the world of Mac smugness an admirable cause.

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Joe Marco

Saturday 17th November 2007 | 03:01 PM

Blogging about how cool your little 'shit' is, is like video taping yourself masturbating and posting it up on you-tube.

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Monday 19th November 2007 | 02:13 PM

But what good is being a mac lover if i cant be a smug prick?

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