15 year old boy gets 60 years for sex attack on 6 year old girl

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15 year old boy gets 60 years for sex attack on 6 year old girl

A judge has sentenced a fifteen year old boy to 60 years in jail for a sex attack on a six year old girl. The boy pleaded guilty to kidnapping, beating and sexually assaulting the girl when he was only thirteen. He will be the youngest person to ever serve time in a county jail.

Two days after the attack, the girl picked the boys photo from a school year book. She had half an ear torn off, a lacerated liver, a skull fracture and bruises from the top of her head to her thighs.

She could not walk after the attack, and crawled away through a nearby fence into the forest until nightfall, and covered herself in leaves to stay warm. A police officer found her the following morning during a massive search.

The boy will not be eligible for parole until 51 years have passed.

Full story.

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Saturday 17th November 2007 | 02:55 PM

there should be more locked up for longer periods over here for sexual crimes, they know how to impose sentences in the US.

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Sunday 25th November 2007 | 08:05 PM

thats ridiculously excessive. its a horrible crime, but 60 years in a jail for a 15 year old and nobody even died?

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Monday 26th November 2007 | 01:39 PM

what a sick fuk he should go to jail that is disgusting and he had ruined that girls life.

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Sunday 2nd December 2007 | 06:30 PM

What do you mean "And nobody even died"? What if that was your daughter... or YOU!? Shut up.

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Saturday 19th January 2008 | 10:16 AM

i think that what he did was wrong and he should serve time in jail but 60 years i think that is a little over and beyond its been people who have been only sentenced for 15 years for murder. The boy who actually killed the little girl in florida from a wrestling move did not received 60 years. i believe everyone should have a second chance to redeem thereselves if God can allow us chance after chance so can the court system.

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Wednesday 30th January 2008 | 03:20 AM

Yall are crazy...you shouldn't give him 60 years...it should be like 10 to 20 years...this is the boys whole life!

but he did do wrong!

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Sunday 2nd March 2008 | 12:12 PM

To be perfectly honest, if I was that boy, I'd rather be given the death sentence, it's far better than getting raped in prison for 50 years.

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Sunday 2nd March 2008 | 05:16 PM

Obviously the judge didnt like him or something...but still, whatever he gets is what he gets....

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Sunday 9th March 2008 | 01:01 AM

the punk probbally had other crimes on his record, so fuk him and now he'll get rape and beaten up

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Friday 14th March 2008 | 11:00 AM

"The boy who actually killed the little girl in florida from a wrestling move did not received 60 years."

The difference is that boy didn't have any intention of hurting the girl. While he should have known better not to replicate a wrestling move he saw on TV, it's quite obvious he never meant to hurt her. The boy being sentenced to 60 years knew exactly what he was doing. 60 years might be a little excessive, but I'm not going to disagree with the judges sentence.

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That's what you get.

Friday 14th March 2008 | 12:10 PM

At first, I thought this was excessive, but considering statistics show that sex offenders are VERY LIKELY (http://blogs.wsj.com/numbersguy/how-likely-are-sex-offenders-to-repeat-their-crimes-258/)
to be repeat offenders, it's good to know there will be one less on the streets...I think sex offenders often get off TOO easy. Considering the guy who molested me ONLY got one year in jail and one year probation while I got a life sentence of mental anguish to deal with because HE was a sick bastard.

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Thursday 10th April 2008 | 03:45 PM

Hmm...who are you to pass out such judgment? Maybe the kid had an upbringing filled with child abuse and sexual harassment. Not to mention the fact that prison does little to actually reform prisoners. But hey, it is the best we've got, so just throw another life away. Im not saying he deserves to walk or anything, but throwing youth into prison is cruel and wrong...must be something else we can do to actually try and help him.

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Monday 14th April 2008 | 03:15 AM

ya thats way to long of a sentence, 60 years holy shit, firstly the judge should be smart and first identify him as a 15 year old, not a 30 year old, at 15 a boys brain is still growing and maturing, he does not have the sense of an older man. It should have been like 5-6 years in juvies, then like a couple thousand hours of community service, 3 months house arrest, and on top of that he must seek siciatric help, so at least he could turn his life around, and not be ass raped in the showers in prison.

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Ash Coopland

Tuesday 15th April 2008 | 06:22 PM

...in response to this comment by d. Should have been hanged!

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Tuesday 15th April 2008 | 07:05 PM

First we need to know if the young man was mentally challenged.
At 15 he is old enough to know right from wrong as people nowadays don`t take resposibility for there OWN actions - it is always someone elses fault. Child abuse, sexual abuse, abusive relationships etc etc....
I was sexually abused in my early teens and I`m not a child mollester and I totally abhor them but I got over it.
Yes I agree they are often repeat offenders and they really don`t have the right ot be in a civilised society but I honestly think 60 years is overboard and ANY chance of reforming him has now gone.
What are peoples thoughts on the poor little girl who doesn`t seem to have been mentioned in this forum? I personally think she should somehow be compensated but how?

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Wednesday 16th April 2008 | 05:45 AM

Mmmm. Interesting. From a Brit's perspective, 60 years seems an awful long time, especially since the boy was only 13 when he committed the crime.
It was a horrible crime I'm sure, but should the US courts be throwing the key away on child offenders?
I am reminded of the Jamie Bulger murder in the 90s. Two young boys, one ten, the other twelve, abducted and murdered a three year old boy. They were locked away 'indefinitely, which doesn't necessarily mean forever.
During that time they were 'rehabilitated' and now live, as adults with changed identities out in the community. So far they have not re-offended.

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Sunday 23rd November 2008 | 05:40 AM

...in response to this comment by eric. he was 13 when he did it i doubt he was a hardened criminal

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Greg W.

Monday 5th January 2009 | 01:09 PM

I spent 21 years in Prison.
Forgiveness is in order,but let us not forget that our actions carry with them
responsibility. The young man was really only a boy.Society has become a playground
for the sexually immoral.Sex sells everything.
We are creatures of habit.We learn by the examples of the world around us.We do not have
to choose to follow,though.Sadly the most of us do.
If a man,or woman would be honest and look in their hearts...we would see that we are this
young man!It is us that we are becoming!
As a whole,
The whole world lieth in the power of the evil one..."(1John 5:19) And he is an evil genious
that often works by the lust of the flesh,and the lust of the eyes,and the pride of life(1John2:15-17)
We're all guilty! we have all been,and are him!The question of the day is...What are YOU going to
do about it?There is a coming Judgment,There is only One Way out:JESUS CHRIST!

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Monday 5th January 2009 | 01:10 PM

thats messed up putting him away for his whole life. it should be alot less and for god sakes hes just a kid, give him 5-10 years and let that girl kick his ass once a month and that would be better punishment

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Monday 5th January 2009 | 03:31 PM

Well, honestly he is going to be someone's bitch now. He will see how that little girl felt, when he was attacking her when some big hairy prisoner is pounding him.

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Monday 5th January 2009 | 09:10 PM

We have to remember this is really only a clip of a bigger article/story. There has to be much more to it, such as his history/psychological evaluations and past criminal records. Very likely, he could have a violent past or similar offences to warrant such a long prison term. If a person of that age shows such violent tendancies so early on, I'm not sure who could help him. You can't exactly argue that at grade 8, you didn't realize the concequences of your actions? In a seperate article, it even mentions he beat her so badly so that she wouldnd forget and he could get away with it. I can easily remember being that age, and would never dream of doing such terrible acts on a child. Let's face it. It wasn't a crime of passion or an accident, he had time to think about his actions and change his mind. I'm sad, he still seems so young, but face it. One or two years older and we would be screaming to lock him up and throw away the key. Also, don't forget the lifetime sentence the girl AND her family has to face. If a judge whose entire job day in and out is to preside over violent crimes, and this one shocks him or her enough to put the person away for 60 years there must be more we just don't know.

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Tuesday 6th January 2009 | 01:15 PM

he's a short step away from being peter woodcock

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Tuesday 6th January 2009 | 03:28 PM

...in response to this comment by Dan. Speaking as a former supervisor for juvenile delinquents doing community service - it doesn't help unless they want it to. All it does is make sure they never volunteer to help the community because they associate it with punishment. They complain that they should be getting paid, who cares if they broke the law, who cares about the law anyway? The only way it works is if the kid has a good enough head on his (or her) shoulders to realize what they did was wrong and try to fix it. Anyone who could sexually assault a 6 year old doesn't have a good enough head on his shoulders. Any attempt at reform through the juvenile court system would seem like a joke to him. His record would be sealed, and he could do this again to another little girl. It's sad that this is what it comes to, but if parents can't raise kids to have common sense and they turn out this way, they need discipline - not coddling.

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Tuesday 6th January 2009 | 03:47 PM

adult rapists rarely ever get this amount of jail time!

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Wednesday 7th January 2009 | 02:08 AM

To all you stupid fucks who think that he should have been hung, or "What if this was YOUR daughter, or YOU!!!" quit being so irrational... that's why we have a court system - otherwise mob justice would be the norm.

ALWAYS Remember that "An eye for an eye will make the world blind."

He deserves less than 60 years, simple - In fact, at such a young age he should go through some very serious psychological evaluations and given help. 13 year old boys don't do this - in fact they don't even think of this normally, something must have been VERY wrong in his life to make him like this - let's solve the illness not kill the patient.

let's get him the help he needs and institutinalise him until he's capable of living in our society again.

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Wednesday 7th January 2009 | 03:17 AM

Why cant we just fry the little fuck

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Wednesday 7th January 2009 | 09:09 AM

Violent sexual assault should get life minimum.

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Wednesday 7th January 2009 | 10:43 AM

I do understand that it's fucking awful what he did. But he was 13 for fuck sake. He probably can't even remember what happened in 3 years.

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Wednesday 7th January 2009 | 02:37 PM

It's funny, we say that we need to protect our children from drugs and pornography....but they aren't too young to go to prison! This poor child's entire life has been thrown away by the judge. 60 years is an entire life. Think of everything you will do between the ages of 15 and 75. He won't get to see ANY of that. Even if this happened to me, I would never wish that kind of misery upon someone else. The girl will recover from her injuries, this boy will never see the light of day. I don't see how this kind of punishment is justified. IF she had died, then MAYBE. The punishment needs to fit the crime and quite obviously in this case, it doesn't. This is an embarrassment to the legal system.

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Wednesday 7th January 2009 | 02:41 PM

...in response to this comment by jared. Exactly. People need to start putting things in perspective. Murderers walk away with less jail time than this BOY is getting. He was a 13 year old BOY who is getting harsher treatment than ADULTS who commit MURDER. The judge in this case is also the executioner.

I am not saying that what he did is justified in any way, but two wrongs don't make a right!

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Wednesday 7th January 2009 | 03:28 PM

its sad to say but that boy was already screwed at 13 if he had the urge to commit such a crime and actually did at such a young age imagine what he would do if they hadn't given him the 60 year sentence. I dont believe this boy can be rehibilitated. some of you are only considering the boys future but think about who his potential victims could have been if he was let out earlier than 60 years????? yes being in jail for that long will create a bigger monster but he most likely wont even live to see his porole date which i find safer for the people of that community whom I am thinking about.

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Wednesday 7th January 2009 | 04:41 PM

sorry brotha you fucked up. plead innocent and be found guilty and get the chair. you'll wish you had after about 20 years... when you have 30 left. sorry dude... sorry

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Wednesday 7th January 2009 | 04:46 PM

Some people have commented that the girl didnt die. To be honest I reckon she may have been better off dead. I dread to think about the pain/suffering she will live through for the rest of her life. Sure the physical wounds will heal but psychologically I wonder if she will ever get better.

About a year and a half ago I was walking with my son and someone was walking their dog in the opposite direction. The dog started barking at my son who was only one and a half at the time and the owner did nothing to pull the dog back etc. The dog didnt bite him but gave him a good scare. Now he is 3 and is terrified of dogs. I'm trying to show him that most dogs are fun and try and get him to pet them etc but I havent had any luck. I wouldnt be surprised if that one incident "scarred" him for life. OK comparing a dog barking and what happened here is in stark contrast, but I think we can all relate to (small) incidents in our lives that have stayed with us and put it into perspective with what happened here.

When I think about what that boy did to the girl it really makes sad. As a parent, I have learnt that life is so fragile. I dont wish anything on the boy, and also feel for him. But if it was my child or someone I knew then I could honestly say I wouldnt be satisfied with any punishment he got because what has been done is done and the scars and memories can never be erased.

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Wednesday 7th January 2009 | 07:32 PM

...in response to this comment by d. Well to those who say "no one died", there are worse thing than death. And what happen to her may well be one of them.

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Thursday 8th January 2009 | 09:01 AM

Judge not lest ye be judged, The final Judge of all of you shall be God.

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Thursday 8th January 2009 | 04:40 PM

I think 60 years is fair. If it would have been my choice, he would have probably gotten worse. Kids aren't punished enough in my opinion, they get off way too easy most of the time. To give him a crutch like "not being fully developed mentally" is just stupid. I was a lot younger than 13 when I realized that raping and beating a girl nearly to death is wrong. And just because other people have gotten off with smaller sentences doesn't mean this judge should have made the same mistake.

Every year the young people get worse and worse. Their crimes get more violent and the penalties seem to get less severe. Your average gang-banger treats their many short prison terms like badges of honor. The whole thing makes me sick. They need to be made to fear prison. They need to know that society isn't going to tolerate their vile actions.

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Monday 12th January 2009 | 01:05 PM

That monster should get life in prison, or even better, be tortured to death. He tortured her, and she's alive only because of her own cleverness and bravery, and his incompetence. Criminals who commit such violent crimes should get a painful execution, immediately.

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Monday 12th January 2009 | 01:52 PM

Wow, I can't believe the number of people who wouldn't even consider the idea of rehabilitation for a minor.. He was a child - and a mentally disturbed one at that.

Shame on those who would wish that he is abused in prison. There will be no chance of that after 60 years in prison.

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Monday 12th January 2009 | 07:34 PM

I live in the city where this happened. The little girl was physically damaged for the rest of her life and may not be able to have children. She was found literally by accident and was near death when found. This boy seriously beat her before raping her. I too think it is a shame that he was given such a long sentence, but I also believe he will commit this crime again.

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Thursday 15th January 2009 | 02:52 AM

...in response to this comment by jared. The girl may recover from her physical injuries, but this kind of violence frequently causes psychological harm that endures *much* longer.

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Tuesday 20th January 2009 | 08:49 AM

This boy acted when he knew it was wrong. Frankly, he might be a sociopath, which would mean he'd probably do it again given the chance. I'm glad the judge gave him sixty years. That girl is going to be haunted forever, something no one deserves. Thirteen is old enough to know not to physical assault someone.

And quit going on about how "that kid's going to know what it feels like being raped by inmates." Seriously, no one deserves to be raped, even criminals, especially since the rapist is the one who gains from the experience. Yes, let's promote the fueling of power-hungry rapists in prison who might even be getting out in a few years! That way, when they get out, they can feel more empowered to commit their crime again!

And rehab doesn't work, especially not for kids. Kids naturally resist authority, and this resistance is only going to be more pronounced in someone who committed such a violent act. Like I said, he's probably a sociopath, who can't be rehabilitated (because they don't want to be, and if you don't want it, it doesn't work), so really, he needs to be locked up for the rest of his life.

I hope the community gathers together to help that little girl, too. She needs a lot support after this.

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Sunday 15th February 2009 | 06:45 AM

This boy should be set on fire. Everyone here saying the sentence is too harsh should be sterilized. Yes, I'm serious.

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Saturday 28th February 2009 | 03:31 AM

Anyone here who is saying that sentence is to long should be raped, beaten and tortured, I can only hope someone in prison shows that little fag 60 years of daily rectal exams. 60 years is nothing compared to what that girl went through,

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Saturday 28th February 2009 | 02:24 PM

no mercy for people like this, regardless of age. you did something horrible, you pay the price, bottom line

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Wednesday 25th March 2009 | 11:48 AM

...in response to this comment by T. He wont be raped for 60 years. I am sure he will only be raped the first few. And then he will be all used up. But hey I like your thinking.
Personally I think 60 years isnt long enough. This little girl is scared for life. Not to mention her parents' siblings' family and friends.
And whats with all these people on here crying about this being harsh haven't a clue. After 10 or even 20 years he will be a much worse person.
He will never be cured, his sick hunger will only grow and even more so after a long prison term. Think of the little girls he will be hunting in 10 or 20 if you people had your way.
Think about you having a grand daughter in 20 years and him meeting up with her. What will you think then?

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Wednesday 25th March 2009 | 01:27 PM

...in response to this comment by d. It's not excessive.
I think that people who commit sexual crimes should be castrated...either chemically or physically. There is NO CURE for pedophiles or rapists. No matter what people say, they will never stop having those thoughts.

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Super Sas

Saturday 28th November 2009 | 01:10 AM

I think he should burn in hell - for life, how could you do that to some one? I never understand why rapists do this. I think all rapists should get a life sentence. Because after all the people who were raped, attacked etc have a life sentence of pain and misery - why can't the rapists get the same?

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Monday 25th April 2011 | 06:29 PM


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Sunday 25th September 2011 | 12:27 AM

He got what he deserved. he robbed this little girl of her bright future and traumatized her for life.yeah, big deal hes in a cell for life..he gets food ,a bed,tv, cmon now . If you ask me he got off easy,the little girl was robbed of so many things.

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Monday 24th October 2011 | 09:56 PM

...in response to this comment by Thomas. LOL

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