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Let me start off with this statement: "Transformers isn't a bad film". I was surprised to learn I didn't mind it because director Michael Bay in my humble opinion, has made the worst films in the recent cinema history.

Let me run the titles of a few atrocities at you. Bad Boys 1 and 2. Armageddon. The Island. Pearl Harbour. The Rock. Agreed? OK lets move on.

Transformers doesn't have an engaging story line. It doesn't have any stand-out acting. And it doesn't have any characters to identify with. But what it does have, and the sole reason this film is so enjoyable, is mind blowing cinematics of robot fight scenes.

To combat what could have easily just been a stock standard robot fight flick, Bay has introduced some incredible cinematics which will have you wondering just how it was achieved. This is very much out of place for a Michael Bay production, which only made sense when I saw the words "Executive producer Steven Spielberg" during the end credits. Let's face it. It's hard to go wrong when Steven Spielberg is your executive producer, and he isn't going to allow a piece of crap to be released with his name on it.

As a kid I never got into Transformers so I was probably at a slight disadvantage going into the movie, but none-the-less it was a great ride and if you don't mind skipping through all the boring parts you should get great replay value from it.

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Monday 19th November 2007 | 12:49 AM

Yeah, robot fight scenes are all good, but the best thing about Transformers is all the Transformers in it!

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Monday 19th November 2007 | 04:55 AM

Come on mikey. Bay is not that bad. lol.

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Monday 19th November 2007 | 09:35 AM

Naughty Michael! Down boy!

I'm not sure how you survived your childhood without the John Wayne style vocals of Optimus prime and his gung ho band of alien gun slinging autobot allies!

I was decked out with a transformers doona, pillow case, I had an optimus prime plush toy and just about all of the action figures...

I couldn't convince my wife... or children to come see the movie with me, so I wen't by my self, and had tears streaming from my eyes by the time the first decepticon transformed with the trademark transforming sound effect in the opening minutes.

In all seriousness though, the cars were sexy, the transformers were frickin awesome and the fight scenes were simply orgasmic. I've been praying to cybertron that they make a sequel...

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Tuesday 20th November 2007 | 03:51 AM

The care were indeed sweet, as were the fight scenes. I never watched the series before and had to look up the Transformers online to get an idea of the back story, they could have fleshed that out more.

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Saturday 10th May 2008 | 07:50 PM response to this comment by YoJo. Coincidentally watched the DVD yesterday and found it all a bit boring. My husband thought it was the best thing ever.

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