Child abuse at its worst

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This is nothing less than institutionalised, state funded, child abuse. Don't think this is some splinter group of crazies - this is actually currently one of the most popular songs in much of the Middle East and the group behind it, "Bird's of Paradise" are effectively the Arabic equivalent of Hi-5 or the Wiggles, with their own TV channel.

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Saturday 17th July 2010 | 10:52 PM
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The song's so catchy, I just can't seem to get sick of it.

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Sunday 18th July 2010 | 03:22 AM

We've all been brainwashed and lulled to virtual sleep by the same stuff right over here for years and no one notices. It makes no difference whether they're talking about love of a person or love a land. It's all the same "I'd rather die fighting than take the risk of being without you," because "YOU BELONG TO ME! TELL HER, TELL HER THAT I LOVE YOU. TELL HER SHE DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU...." ~ Carly Simon.

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