Incredible Hulk: First official trailer

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Incredible Hulk: First official trailer

It's finally here, the first official trailer for the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie. I have to say I'm not the Hulk fan I was when I was a kid, but this trailer looks exciting. Edward Norton and Tim Roth are among my favourite actors, and both should bring some credibility to the Hulk franchise after Ang Lee's disaster kind of ruined it for everybody in 2003.

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Thursday 13th March 2008 | 09:31 PM

Meh, the thingy seems pretty storyless .... But on the other hand I've never really been a big fan of American superhero comics for they've always seemed to me like a storyless bunch. I'm not saying that everything they have is empty, but if the only new thing in new episodes is the enemy then it sounds pretty pointless. Like in Spiderman movie trilogy - yeah, the guy gets his girl and gets into the suit more, but when you talk about the story then there really isn't any. He just fights bad guys. X-men movies are quite the same, but I liked them more not only because they had cooler characters but because for me the mutants problem represented a deeper and more sensitive question than "how are they gonna beat their new enemy?".

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Jim-Just a Guy

Friday 14th March 2008 | 05:33 AM

I was sold on the cast 6 months ago. This trailer however has me a little concerned as it appears it will a lot of build up before we get mean and green.

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Friday 14th March 2008 | 07:21 AM

Ed Norton? That is perfect!

I didn't mind the last adaptation, I am a bit of an Eric Bana fan (not cause he is a great actor but cause he looks to be an average aussie bloke).

This looks really classy though! Love Ed Norton too.

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