Privacy & Commenting Policy

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Privacy & Commenting Policy

Rusty Lime respects and upholds your rights to privacy with every regard. This policy describes how we manage any personal information given to us.

1) We collect information in four ways.

  • a) When you use our contact form, your name (or alias), email address (if provided) and comments are submitted.
  • b) When you enter a competition, your name (or alias) and email address are submitted.
  • c) When you post a comment on an article, your name (or alias), web site address (if provided), comments, and IP address are stored in our database for the purpose of displaying as a comment on the respective article (IP address is not displayed).
  • d) When subscribing to the email newsletter, your name (or alias), email address and IP address are submitted.

2) Your IP Address

We log all IP addresses for 2 reasons.

  • a) As part of a comment-spam preventative measure.
  • b) To block people who have deliberately posted offensive comments or caused some other form of annoyance, or deliberate spam.

Note: Your IP address will never be given out to anyone or displayed on the web site.

3) Is my Personal Information safe with Rusty Lime?

Absolutely. We do not (and have no intention of) passing on your personal information to third party marketing groups or anyone else with the potential to spam you. It stays with us. We ask for a legitimate email address when subscribing so that you can receive the newsletter. We will only email you:

  • a) To notify you of anything that might effect your membership with Rusty Lime.
  • b) To send you occasional newsletters if you had subscribed to our mailing list.
  • c) To notify you if you were the winner of a Rusty Lime competition.

4) Will Rusty Lime be spamming me?

Certainly not. We at Rusty Lime are firm believers spam is evil, and would not want it afflicted upon others. If you receive any unwanted email you believe is a direct result from having become a member with Rusty Lime, please let us know.

5) Comments

Rusty Lime reserves the right, without notice, to delete any comments posted on articles which may be considered offensive, off-topic, contain unprovoked aggression towards an author or commenter, or are completely pointless.

Pointless comments are 'First!' or 'Idiots'!' and alike. These comments do not add anything of benefit to the discussion and will be promptly deleted.

In addition to comments, any screen name used with a comment is subject to being deleted if deemed offensive.

By commenting on Rusty Lime articles, you are in agreement that:

  • a) You will not post comments that are considered racial slurs or offensive in a similar manner, derogatory to minorities, or pointless as described above.
  • b) Use a name (or alias) with your comments that might be considered offensive.
  • c) You will keep your comments consistent with the topic of the article (no topic hijacking).
  • d) Your IP address, name (or alias), and web site address (if provided) will be automatically entered into our database for the purposes outlined in section 2.a above.

In the event we feel a comment is unnecessarily offensive or abusive, we reserve the right to remove it without notice or explanation. In the event an offensive name or alias has been used with a comment, we will delete the comment entirely without notice.

6) Spamming

Any obvious attempts to populate comments with advertising links or anything else that might be interpreted as spam is considered a violation of this policy, and consequently we will delete the offending comment(s).

Posting URL's to your site or other sites is permitted as long as it is relevant to the article you are commenting on. Comments that resemble "Great post! See my web site at" and alike will be deleted.

7) Updates

Rusty Lime reserve the right to make changes to this policy without prior notice.


Any questions about this policy, or any complaint regarding treatment of your privacy by Rusty Lime, please contact us.

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