Apple offers free band-aid fix for iPhone 4 problems

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Apple offers free band-aid fix for iPhone 4 problems

It turns out Steve Jobs and co have finally come to the party and are now offering all iPhone 4 owners a free rubber bumper for their troubles, and those who already paid for one will be eligible for a refund.

This of course means that Apple have acknowledged there is a problem, even though Steve Jobs initially said the problem was "not a big issue" and suggested that users weren't holding it right. Sigh.

What this will do if anything to the impending class action law suit is anyone's guess, but you don't need to be an Apple genius to know that offering a free band-aid fix is cheaper than a recall.

I do feel sorry for iPhone 4 users though. They pay good money for brand new hardware that is already behind the curve compared to other phones, and then have to put up with the dropped call issues only to be told the beautiful aesthetic of their iPhone will now be compromised by the presence of an ugly rubber bumper.

I'd be royally pissed.

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Saturday 17th July 2010 | 04:02 PM

That literally is a band-aid fix

Tony Fyler

Tony Fyler

Saturday 17th July 2010 | 06:03 PM
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Yeah, they've reason to be pissed, but on the other hand, when you see the lines going round the block WHENEVER Apple reveals its new supermodel tech, you do have to wonder about the kind of people prepared to do that for what is, as you say, behind-the-curve technology. Not that I'm saying that gives Mr Jobs et al a justification for releasing shoddy gear, or that the Apple addicts DESERVE to be fleeced (though surely, fi you're gonna act like sheep...), but still, you have to wonder...

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Trent Greguhn

Trent Greguhn

Monday 19th July 2010 | 01:39 AM
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HTC EVO and Droid X seem to be better choices from what I understand. It is Droid after all ;)

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