360 Vodka Review

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360 Vodka Review

 With all fields of life, you get the good, the bad and the ugly. As far as vodka is concerned, it is one of the unique products in the liquor industry that does not require a hefty price tag to obtain the highest quality. After visiting VodkaBuzz.com and reading the review of 360 vodka, I had to give it a try.

360 Vodka is distilled from American grain in the state of Missouri. It is distilled four times, and filtered five times. For comparison, most American whiskeys are distilled once, and filtered once. 

Most people tell you that when you buy a vodka, you have to chill it/freeze it first before attempting a taste test. However, while I enjoy my vodkas cold and frozen, I always taste it first at room temperature. For vodkas and most liquors, the warm temperature amplifies any impurities and bitterness in the liquid that you wouldn't normally taste at 32 degrees F. While I enjoy my vodkas cold and frozen, I always taste it first at room temperature.

The shot by itself at room temperature is clean and refreshing. It works as a cleansing agent, and rids your mouth of any undesirable tastes you have picked up since your last brushing. As it travels to the back of the tounge it finishes with a very mild and comforting ethanol burn. The vodka finishes so smoothly, you find your martini disappearing faster than usual due to how easy it goes down. After the shot hits your throat, your mouth begins to tingle and a slight hint of mint appears for a few seconds, and disappears just as quickly. The shot finishes with a smooth silky mouth feel, a very pleasurable combination with the hint of mint.

Vodka "quality", for the most part is described by how clean and tasteless the shot is in your mouth. Too be honest I was very surprised to taste such a quality vodka from this bottle. The reason being, a lot of companies in this time and era play to the hype and the over all "good feeling" of buying something that is "green". According to the company, the label on the vodka is made with 100% recycled material, the bottle is made of 80% recycled glass and the vodka itself is said to be distilled with a highly efficient process (which is most likely a column still). But any company can make these claims right? But if you notice in the picture, there is a swing style cap on the bottle. They include a pre-paid envelope in hope that you will mail these caps back to the company, so they can re-use them again. If that isn't a smart economical business plan, I don't know what is. And for a country who is so hell bent on being green, eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, etc,this vodka has hit the target market. 

Grey Goose for some reason in the US, is always considered the end all, be all of Vodkas. At a price tag of about 30 to 35 US dollars for a 750ML, it is easily amongst the "top shelf" of vodkas. Having said that, who doesn't use at least three shots of vodka in a martini? 750ML equals roughly 16 shots, that is at the most only five or six drinks. While Grey Goose is charing ridiculous amounts of money, a company has come together and produced a higher quality, smoother, more eco-friendly product for around 20 dollars. Everywhere I have bought it, (California, Colorado, Ohio, Tennessee) it has been under 20 dollars. 

Now, I know I am going to sound like a salesman with this one, but it has to be said. Not only is it higher quality, eco-friendly (more like conscious friendly), and cost less than its more expensive counterparts, they also offer a mail in rebate for 10 bucks on the 750 ML and 20 bucks on the 1.75L. I can be a witness that these rebates have come back in the mail, with my name on them.

This is the age of vodkas my friends, while the world is in economic struggle, people are resorting to better tasting and cheaper alternatives and ignoring the carefully planned marketing techniques. 360 Vodka is a perfect example of a company that does it better, cheaper and more efficient than it's competitors. All I have to say is, go out and try a bottle of 360 and trust your taste buds... 



Monday 27th September 2010 | 01:15 AM
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You Dude...Though I do not drink at all any more, I am curious what you think of Crater Lake Vodka, Distilled by my personal friend Jim Bendis in Bend, Oregon, my home town.

Here's the link if you are not already familiar with it. http://bendistillery.com/crater-lake-vodka.html

Good to see you.


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Monday 27th September 2010 | 02:02 AM
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...in response to this comment by Friendo. That looks like a quality vodka my friend. I will have to see if I can find a bottle somewhere. I am digging the filtered 10 times part, I wonder how many times it is distilled.

Their diamond vodka interests me quite a bit, because it is "mellowed" in Oak barrels. Using a Whiskey/Tequila technique for vodka is pretty cool.

VodkaBuzz.com rated the Oregan Vodka fairly well. But tastes buds are so different, and Vodkas are so hard to judge due to the steps companies make, to make them "neutral" or "flavorless". In the end, I don't listen to judges or medals, I trust my taste buds!

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Monday 27th September 2010 | 02:50 AM
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...in response to this comment by Papa. At one time, I had a girlfriend that worked at his Martini Bar in Bend, and had a nice flow of their "Infused Martinis" going at the right price...free. It was quite the sheik place to hang in those days, Downtown Bend, right on Mirror Pond. The bar was quite dark, small, and filled with tourists and "in the know" locals...It's still there.

Some play on words eh? Jim Bendis, Bend, Oregon, Gin and Vodka distillery, hence: Bendistillery...


P.S. Still feel bad about the Joni thing.

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Monday 27th September 2010 | 07:05 AM

A must stop for Spring in the valley if you are up that way and as vodkas go PREMIUM

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Henk V

Monday 27th September 2010 | 07:58 PM

Finally, music to my ears... spirit...

I am a little confused by this vodka quality system brought up tho.. does quadruple distilling really have an advantage over a single run tall fractionation?

Chemistry and physics says, no bloody way! Maybe chiropractic or naturopathic has another view (homeopathic and acupunctural cant hold a view on natural products imbibement).

Its just more branding,

secondly, whiskey (or whiskey) is single run from a pot still and straight into the barrel (one hopes) otherwise...Its vodka.

Sure, running pure EtOH (from grain) is no different from running pure EtOH from cane or potatoes or oil.. or sewage for that matter.

Its the quality system and the water (added) quality.

Still, the gods may give me the promise of fine 98% vodka one day with them lovely caramel ester overtones... one can wait or brag... who knows.

PS Papa, hope all is rocking
PPS Friendo, the day you stop drinking is the day you accept short haired girls! Yes, I have a good Paulean grip on my sexuality!

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Henk V

Monday 27th September 2010 | 08:00 PM

autocorrect corrected my whisky

sorry for the confusing!



Thursday 16th December 2010 | 05:54 AM
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...in response to this comment by Friendo. I picked up a bottle of the Crater Lake last night due to your recommendation. And it's pretty good, I'm impressed.

The mouthfeel of the vodka reminds of Tito's Handmade, with a silky kind of oily presence. But it's very smooth. Will do a review of the Crater Lake sooner or later!

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Henk V

Henk V

Thursday 16th December 2010 | 12:52 PM
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Damn,,, I can feel a copper moment coming on.. All this talk of spirits means..I better check the supplies for Persephone's descent day (southern hemisphere).

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Hey Dumbo

Friday 17th December 2010 | 11:21 AM

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Henk V

Henk V

Friday 17th December 2010 | 04:10 PM
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Hey Dumbo

Friday 17th December 2010 | 06:35 PM

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Henk V

Henk V

Saturday 18th December 2010 | 06:04 AM
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Nope, you keep proving a point, yer no creationist either. What ever you do on sundays doesnt involve worshipping Ken Ham or Kent Hovind..

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