Where did he go?

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Where did he go?

Where did who go?


I was never that much of a fan of TOP GUN.


For just over a year now I have been hiding out in one of the greatest places ever to collect stories, I've been driving a cab. How does driving a cab relate to being The Movie Whore?


Since you asked, it relates like this. Driving a cab in a small college town is like living in a "Night in life of" movie every night you work. For me that meant 6 nights a week and being on call roughly 15 hours a day. Some nights were a comedy and some were a drama, but it was always interesting and there was always some fun going on. It is one of those jobs that can screw with your head a bit as you can forget that life is not movie. Primarily you deal with the bar traffic and a huge percentage of your rides are ferrying drunk college kids around and after you have been at it for a while you see every cliche known to man kind. It can get so cliche that you can stop seeing the people and instead see the characters. Sounds crazy, I know.


The bar in the picture is Riley's, it's a college hang out and where I would be at 10pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday hanging out with this guy who also was a cab driver. This was our routine. We would stand and watch the kids go in the bar waiting for one of the to come outand need a ride. This is is a small college town and this is how the cab business works here. If you are slow, hanging out outside a bar for a cab driver is a way to hangout with your buddies and make a little money at the same time.


You see all kinds and get all kinds of questions.


Do you ever watch Taxicab Confessions?


No, I live it.


Do you hate dealing with drunk people all the time?


Well actually most of the time they entertain me, then they pay me. It's a win win.


If I show you my tits for 27 seconds can we get a free ride?


No, your tits don't pay my bills


Have you ever gotten head instead of money?


If a woman is going to blow you for a $5 cab ride, how many other guys do think she's blown and do you really want that anywhere near you?


 Is it ok if I sit in the front?


Actually I prefer it.


Do you smoke weed?




Do you no where I can get some X?


No and get out.


You want some coke?




Will you take weed instead of cash?




Some of my favorite moments come when people would forget I was there. Here are some of the more interesting things I have overheard.


Well, what about anal?


When we get home I am going to drop to my knees and suck...


Why won't he sleep with me?


Remember when I got hella drunk and fell down the stairs while pissing myself, oh wait that was last weekeknd.


Crazy things happen in this job. There was one night when Snoop Dog was playing in town that I dropped a van ful of young beauties at the hotel he was staying at and 20 minutes later was picking them back up. I watched Snoop walk into the lobby with his arm around one of the girls and he kissed on the cheek as he said goodbye. The rest of this ride was these girls talking about how Snoop and Dre wanted to sleep with them and how grossed out they were by these two.


I once picked up a guy who said he was an agel. A couple months later I picked up the same guy only this time he was having a paranoid delusion. You see every crossection of the culure around you in this job. I once a gave a woman in 60's a free $40 ride home and carried her from the car to her porch simply becasue it was the right thing to do. I aslo once got a $93 tip on a $7 cab ride. It balances out.


I could give you story after story about night after night but then it would kill the book I'm working on. It was definitely a year full of interesting life as a movie moments and when you're The Movie Whore seeing life like  a movie is just a part of the job





Thursday 2nd June 2011 | 11:00 AM
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Hello TMH:

Interesting read. What's the title of your book?

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Tuesday 7th June 2011 | 10:01 PM

oom captcha test with four letters :)



Sunday 12th June 2011 | 12:08 AM
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Hey Jim...What I wanna' know is...What kinda movies have ya' been watchin'? I just saw Biutiful, and am dying to see Incendies. I'm on the film festival board here in the crappy little Midwest town I'm living in. Today, I'm with a girlfriend at the American Cribbage Conference tournament in Ankeny, Iowa. I'm not much of a cribbage player, so I'm spending my time trying unsuccessfully to sleep in her car, and driving around to different stores that are in every city in America. I'd eat, but I just did that about two hours ago. Thats the trouble with eating...you can't do it again for so long.

I recently watched: Tiger in the Snow, Biutiful, Agora, and Limitless. Liked them all.

Good to hear from you...RL contributions are for sure thereputic. (O.K. I never could spell.)

Your friendo,

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