Passengers for moon flight now boarding

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Passengers for moon flight now boarding

For the price of a small country, you can have your own space adventure to the moon and back. Vienna based 'Space Adventures' is negotiating with private customers who will be the first of many to circumnavigate the moon.

Eric Anderson of 'Space Adventures said:

"I personally think that it's the biggest thing in private spaceflight. It would change the way the whole world thinks about private spaceflight. It is definitely doable for under the $200 million price tag".

It would be pretty cool, but sadly strictly for the richest of the rich with more dollars than sense.

Full story.

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Sunday 1st July 2007 | 08:46 PM

200 million dollars..yep only for the filthy rich. and they are going to have a bar on the moon, probably won't be any good as there will be no

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