Chicken Nugget Rampage

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An Ohio (US) woman has been jailed after going on a rampage, after being told there was no chicken nuggets available. I wish this was a joke.

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Saturday 14th August 2010 | 09:53 AM
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This is actually a little known aspect of Nugget Culture. Rarely seen, though more frequent than you might think. Over time, nuggets cause a swelling of the basal ganglia. These highly specialized clusters of cells, when agitated, can cause unusual motor behavior as seen in the video.

Understanding the relation between Chicken Nuggets and psychiatric disorders may someday allow us to prevent mental illness using drugs, vaccines, and other fried finger foods.

Nuggetophrenia (as it is called) is a devastating illness. One tenth of one percent of the worldÂ’s population suffers from its symptoms (mostly here in the U.S.)of intense aggravation, hallucinations, psychosis and impaired cognitive ability. The disease destroys relationships and renders many of its sufferers unable to use drive through windows. What could cause such frightening damage to the brain? According to a growing body of research, the culprit is surprising: Chicken Nuggets.

Thanks Rodney for bringing this to the forefront.


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Henk V

Sunday 15th August 2010 | 07:00 PM

Never seen a chicken nugget in my entire life. My kids may have.

Until this point, the article proves to me, you guys have articles of faith. Do chicken nuggets come with an aspect of an arisen rooster?.... Do these rooster get ascribed with "morals".

Apart from the chicken nugget measurement being objective (mean and range), is there a chicken objective moral uber chicken? like a perfect chicken being somewhere and everywhere...

Makes all the servative mentalist chicken moralists look good.. (only a profoundly stupid one would waste time writing about prefixes guys).

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Henk V

Sunday 15th August 2010 | 07:20 PM

yes god is a nugget.... all hail the nugget

As if I ever listened to a nuggetologist like baby bear, but this is a real observation. Someone is demanding a "moral".... Its the very first tangible moral i have heard of...

nugget isnt a behaviour... maybe moral is an expectation... no fun. mentalists.... who cares? Its all about prefixes for you guys....

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