The best caller ever (The Atheist Experience)

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Saturday 2nd October 2010 | 09:04 AM
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Wait a minute now Mikey...Are these guys really saying that there is no such thing as a Unicorn? If God helped Jesus come back from the dead, and God made all the natural wonders, he certainly could have made the Unicorns.

I'd like to see Jake beat his way out of this bag...


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Henk V

Henk V

Saturday 2nd October 2010 | 03:31 PM
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Jake doesn't need coaching on that one!

The unicorn is his favourite argument...

But lets just parody Kent Hovind here (as I love to rip up fake PhD's). He is adamant that two of every kind were brought on the ark (no he doesnt do the cargo manifest comparison in genesis!). Using Kent's position, little dinosaurs (there was only one kind in his calculations) eventually became dragons, sea monsters etc etc. Please lets remember Kent never gets past the deluge in his studies that he presents.

So, unicorns are either in the kind called horse or deer. Sadly, the unicorns drowned because they kept pricking their floating apparatus.

Clearly El (the god at the time if you are a canaanite) didnt make a be kind to animals day!

But please note, miffed narwhals did not sink the ark!

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