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  • a rock now is a rock then
    arguing sense versus absolutism. Where the absolutism is make believe, there is no sense in the debate. Enjoy. Gilly, absolution plz. Submitted by Henk V | 4 comments
  • Let them eat cake
    SSRI's in the public sphere, how not to be a moron and when (nearly always) not to give advice Submitted by Henk V | 1 comment
  • Let Them Eat Prozac!
    David Healy, author of "Let Them Eat Prozac." "He has drawn attention to the psychiatric side effects of drugs from suicidality and violence to physical dependence." (45 min. video. Not for anyone with the attention span of a goldfish. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.) Submitted by Gina | 1 comment
  • Happy fruit, Organic?
    A great way to lighten your wallet or skew your diet is to pay attention to product claims. On the weekend I noticed an "organic" fish based product (that cannt over happen) and an "Organic GMO product (I wish there was a lot more of that!). Submitted by Henk V | 1 comment
  • Homeopathic trauma centre
    Lawrence Krauss, a homeopathic ambulance and water safety. My first drop in article for R.L. Submitted by Henk V | 4 comments
  • Happy Birthday you are 400GY older
    Every time you open your eyes life has been around just a bit longer. The guys that answer questions always supply a bit more answer than you expected. So how long has life been without morals and absolute logic? About the same time with it. Submitted by Henk V | 1 comment
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab knock-offs already?
    At first I though this was just another android tablet, but upon closer inspection it appears to be a Galaxy Tab knock-off. Even the box art is nearly the same. Submitted by Mikey | No comments
  • Flame Warriors
    Which forum personality are you? Submitted by Gina | 1 comment
  • How does Homeopathy Work
    Submitted by Rodney | 1 comment

  • Bill Wiese wrote and published this book in 2006. I wonder if he, as a real estate broker, had a suspicion that real estate was headed for the crapper, and wrote the book for profit. Just wonderin', that's all.... Submitted by Gina | No comments
  • Another Nail...
    Nope, no two by two animal footprints here.. or two by two slug or snail trails for that matter Submitted by Henk V | 1 comment
  • Don't call for help
    A Russian police officer hit three girls with his car while driving drunk in Siberia, and one was killed after being run over by the ambulance sent to treat them. Submitted by Rodney | 1 comment
  • Death match 2010 Vatican vs Nobel
    Yep, medicos are sick of doing it the hard way. Priests are sick of it doing it too early. The masters of sex (the religious) comment on a Nobel. Its marriage guidance at its best. If you are infertile, get a red setter! Submitted by Henk V | No comments
  • The Sex Industry in Nevada
    ..."Now, would a woman ´choose´ to have intercourse with men who have just vomited in the street? Would any woman choose to be penetrated multiple times a night by men she doesn´t know on a dirty mattress on the floor-- in an apartment reeking of urine and feces? No forcing???? "... Submitted by Gina | 1 comment
  • Australia has a government at last
    Independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott have broken Australia's political deadlock by agreeing to back Julia Gillard in a Labor minority government. Submitted by Rodney | No comments

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Techzilla: Free Internet based technology show premier

Techzilla: Free Internet based technology show premier

A new technology show has just premiered on Revision 3. The thirty minute long pilot episode titles 'Techzilla' is an Internet based program and covers typical technological topics such as computers, games, photography, portable music and more. The first episode is embedded below for your conve...keep reading

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