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  • Responsible government?
    Smoke and drink more, Russia's finance minister Alexei Kudrin urged citizens, explaining that higher consumption would help lift tax revenues for spending on social services. Submitted by Rodney | 6 comments
  • WalMart Employee Speaks Out
    This is really sad. Submitted by Gina | 1 comment
  • Cop Gets Busted
    Guy gets ticketed for not having a front license plate on his vehicle and watch what he does... haha!! Submitted by Gina | No comments
  • Coolest Chameleon Ever!
    Gotta check it out! Submitted by Gina | 3 comments
  • UFC Fighter Admits to Cheating
    Ooopsies. Submitted by Gina | No comments
  • Dolphin Bubbles
    Watch! It's really cool!! Enjoy! Submitted by Gina | 3 comments
  • America's Test Kitchen
    This is "reality" TV without the drama, yet educational. It's fun too. I like that! The food they prepare is ooooo! I'm going to try the apple upside down cake and substitute all purpose flour for all purpose coconut flour (wheat & gluten free & high fiber) and see what I get! So...Bon appetit! Submitted by Gina | No comments
  • Japan's Famous for Its Centenarians, but...
    ...and this is a big "but": Officials haven't really been keeping track (!) Now, however, they are learning some centenarians are actually dead, or missing. The real kicker? In order to continue to collect on government pensions, relatives of the centenarians are not reporting their deaths. Submitted by Gina | No comments
  • You're Doing It Wrong!
    Too funny... Submitted by Gina | 2 comments
  • Don't Go To This Site Unless... never want to see the light of day. Submitted by Gina | No comments
  • A bit of fun
    25 pictures comparisons. Just a bit of silliness but some are clever. Submitted by Rodney | 1 comment
  • Martial Arts- To safeguard you from unfavorable condition
    Martial art is very old and famous self-defense technique. It require a disciple and focus approach if you want to win the combat. Custom Martial art is also offered by few Martial art training centers to train you as per your priority. Submitted by | No comments
  • How to install Flash on your iPhone
    Turns out there is a way to get flash running on your iPhone. This article shows you how to do it, in a few easy steps. Submitted by Rodney | No comments
  • What if Starbucks Marketed Like the Church?
    This is scary. I think I'm cured of my coffee addiction. Submitted by Gina | 1 comment
  • China Plans 3D Buses that Can Drive Over Cars
    Instead of spending millions to widen roads, the Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment company is developing a "3D Express Coach" (also called a "three-dimensional fast bus") that will allow cars less than 2 meters high to travel underneath the upper level carrying passengers. (Very cool!) Submitted by Gina | No comments

Something Random

Why the world should listen to Larry Lessig

Why the world should listen to Larry Lessig

This is the best presentation I have been exposed to on the subject of copyright and fair use. Larry Lessig, who not coincidentally sits on the board of Creative Commons, explains why current copyright law is way passed it's expiry date and why it needs to change for better business and to encour...keep reading

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