The day I popped my stand up comedy cherry

The day I popped my stand up comedy cherry One of the other places that LRP is venturing in is the dark and dangerous world of stand up comedy. After a ten week class on the art and skill of stand up comedy, this was the final result. I cover topics ranging from Alien abductions, dating, cocaine, and everyones favorite ‘the dirty Sanchez’. cheers! ...

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Heaven's Demons

Heaven's Demons One of these days I want to start a biker gang. Actually, it'll be an electric scooter gang, we'll be the first green gang, call our selves 'Heaven's Demons'. But in the mean while, here's the latest on the case of a six hundred year old skull that went missing and joined a biker gang. ...

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Something Random

Fat people cause global warming!

Fat people cause global warming!

As if they didn’t already have enough problems on their hands fat people are now being blamed for global warming. Well, here's the straight poop on the issue of global warming. I felt that it just wasn't fair for Blacks, Christians (especially), Jews, Muslims, Taliban, and Wal Mart shoppers...keep reading

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