Well, that didn't last long

Well, that didn't last long A few months ago we brought you the news that Firefox had finally become the most used web browser in the World. Well, I'm sorry to bring you the news that Internet Explorer 8 is back in the lead (although all such figures are only estimates, at best). These kinds of figures are generally obtained from very high traffic websites, such as those b...

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China steps up monitoring of citizens

China steps up monitoring of citizens Instead of Google's threatened pull out of China having any positive effect, China has stepped up their oppressive behaviour towards their own citizens by announcing they are now monitoring SMS text messages from mobiles phones - and not just looking for information that the state could be threatened by: they're also hunting people sending risqu&ea...

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World's Apart

World's Apart In an amazing example of what defines the Human Being, the World's tallest man and shortest man have met, for the first time. Sultan Kosen, from Turkey, standing at 246cm tall and aged 27, has met Chinese Pingping, a 21 year old who stands at only 74cm tall. The pair were brought together by the Guiness Book of Records, for the opening of their ...

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Something Random

Mood stablisers in US water supply

Mood stablisers in US water supply

Yahoo! News is covering (among others) a story that US water supplies contain a huge range of pharmaceuticals including mood stabilisers and hormones. The concentrations are very low, however the presence of pharmaceuticals in drinking water raises questions of long term effects. Other drugs whic...keep reading

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