Apple Fascists Flip Flop on Baby Shaking

Apple Fascists Flip Flop on Baby Shaking The "Baby Shaker" iPhone application was sold in the App Store for two days before being deemed inappropriate and removed. Apparently Apple merely reacted to a public outcry against the application, which is a silly game about shaking a baby make it stop crying. Now while we can all agree that shaking babies is not a good idea, there is a...

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One of my heroes

One of my heroes I have always been a fan of Clive Barker, but today I read this interview about the upcoming Hellraiser remake and my respect for the man is as high as it ever was. My opinion has always been that I would rather watch something original than to see a remake. Clive's words on the subject are a great representation of how I and others feel. C...

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Something Random

Ronald Jenkees: Album Review

Ronald Jenkees: Album Review

Ever had one of those moments that catch you completely off guard? Listening to Ronald Jenkees' debut self titled album does just that. It instantly commands you to sit up and pay attention. Based on Ronald's Youtube performances I expected his album would be good, but I didn't expect it to be am...keep reading

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