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Home - Eco Political Poetry The film Home is the poetic equivalent of An Inconvenient Truth. While An Inconvenient Truth compiled data and showed graphs and experts, Home relies on a series of beautiful aerial photos from all over the globe accompanied by music and a poetic prose history of climate change. The imagery is truly magnificent and even the desolate and destructive...

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Angels & Demons; Non Sequitur

Angels & Demons; Non Sequitur My memory is hard pressed to compare Angels & Demons with its predecessor the Da Vinci Code, because the Da Vinci Code was so unmemorable, but on that score they are probably quite equal. The audience is set up for severe disappointment, if they as I sensed tones of Indiana Jones, when Professor Langdon is summoned from Harvard to help the Vati...

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Star Trek 2009

Star Trek 2009 I have often heard people praise Star Trek, but until now I had never seen any of the movies, and only a few television episode clips. So walking into the theater I was primed to expect quality science fiction, but I was disappointed. In the endless Star Trek vs Star Wars discussions I got the sense that we were comparing apples and french fries, b...

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Dragonball: Evolution

Dragonball: Evolution For myself and the other 17 hard core Dragonball franchise fans that exist on this green earth, the release of a live action movie based on the long running series was either going to move the fans to tears or make them cry. I sat amongst the former and had tears of joy streaming down my muscular cheeks, even before the pre movie advertisements beg...

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Secrets Adult Superstore: Five Dollar Fun

Secrets Adult Superstore: Five Dollar Fun I love the way one thing leads to another in life, and you just really never know when you start an adventure just how or where you will end up. For example, who knew that when I met Jason C., Debbie L. and Rachel H. at Fondas for happy hour, we would take a mini-sex trek across town to disprove or confirm a rumor Debbie heard about Secrets Adult S...

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Something Random

Movies you might/might not want to see.

Movies you might/might not want to see.

Here's Friendo latest and long anticipated list of hot upcoming movies. Once again, not necessarily in any order. Twenty five trailers of movies I'll bet you haven't seen. The names of the films are links to that film at the Internet Movie Database. (imdb.com) The trailers are under each title. Som...keep reading

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