Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea I fail to recall who, but somebody recommended that I read "Three Cups of Tea", so when I browsed my local library's selection of audio books the title stuck out and I downloaded it. "Three Cups of Tea" is the biography of Greg Mortensen and is the story of how coincidence and a failed attempt to climb K2 lead him to his mission...

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I watched Australia , the movie.

I watched Australia , the movie. While watching Australia , I was so glad that I was watching it in 'Gold Class' for two reasons: 1) The cinema is small and the toilet is really close. I drink a lot of fluids when I'm coming up to a tournament and the 3 bottles of water, jumbo frozen coke, 2 long black coffees, chocolate thick shake, cheese platter, grilled fish, nachos and chi...

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Dejavu; a fitting title

Dejavu; a fitting title Dejavu is in essence a movie we have all seen before, but you should be warned that this rant contains spoilers. I re-watched this movie (forgetting that I had seen it before, but getting that sense of dejavu as it progressed), and wondered why it did not make a bigger impression on me the first or second time. It had a good cast, plot potential, a...

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War Inc Review

War Inc Review If had to pick an absolute favorite filmmaker it would be John Cusack. Same thing goes for favorite actor. Quite simply the man is brilliant. He always entertains and mixes in his own special brand of dialog and context that makes you think and look at either one thing or the entire world around you in a different way. War Inc is no different. On t...

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MSI GX720. Gaming Series Laptop.

MSI GX720. Gaming Series Laptop. It's been a long time since I have purchased a laptop because, frankly, they're always a huge disappointment. Having had my share of low and mid range mobile computing options, I can say without exception, for someone who needs a fair bit of power, they have all been a complete waste of money. They never have enough grunt to do what I need and I en...

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The Great Feminist Denial

The Great Feminist Denial I was very excited about this book by Monica Dux, a Melbourne writer and Zora Simic, a lecturer at the Australian National University. The first few pages that I browsed at the book store were intriguing and, more importantly, exactly what I have been thinking about for years so I brought the book home with high hopes. Unfortunately, there is somet...

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Something Random

WTF of the day: Man says he was raped by a wombat

WTF of the day: Man says he was raped by a wombat

Yes you read the title correctly, and this should bring a smile to your face. A man has been sentenced to 75 hours community service after calling police and telling them he had been raped by a wombat which has since caused him to speak Australian. He eventually withdrew the complaint. Arthur Cra...keep reading

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