Turtuga Blanku- Solar Powered Music

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Turtuga Blanku- Solar Powered Music This funky musician was brought to my attention courtesy of treehugger. The Caribbean artist records all his own music (which you can check out here) with solar power. There’s three tracks you can listen to in full on his website. The first track, Golden Bubble, is funky, catchy and rhythmic. I love this guys voice (not to mention his rath...

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Man Drought

Man Drought It’s official. There really is a man drought in Australia and there’s the statistics to prove it. Bernard Salt’s book Man Drought And Other Social Issues of the New Century is a great read. Especially considering that statistics are usually rather boring to read, but his social commentary is engaging, fun and easy it read. Plus I&...

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome I have been browsing with Google Chrome for about a week now. I have tried to do all the things I usually do with Firefox, and I am not about to uninstall Google Chrome. I found things that worked well for me in Chrome and some that did not, the trick is to find out when to open which browser, or if you even need both. Firefox will remain my main b...

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Postal goes Bolls out

Postal goes Bolls out If you are easily offended then do not watch this movie. In other words I got a kick out of it. I think Uwe Boll made this film about the same time Team America World Police came out it would have been received better as it is the same kind of in your face offensive humor. My kind of humor. The story starts with with 2 terrorists that hijacked ...

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P.T. Anderson: There Will Be Blood and more.

P.T. Anderson: There Will Be Blood and more. No. 85 on IMDb’s all time top 250. Scoring a well deserved 8.4. After seeing Magnolia (#212), 1999, also written and Directed by P.T. Anderson, I knew I would have to bring myself up to speed on all his work. On to my “Must Watch” list went Punch-Drunk Love, Boogie Nights, Hard Eight ("Sidney" in Australia), T...

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And now for something completely different

And now for something completely different If you recognize that phrase, be proud. Everyone should know Monty Python and the number of movies they have put out as well as what started it all, Monty Python's Flying Circus. I once saw a commercial on BBC America showing one of the more silly Python sketches with a caption that read. "If your girlfriend laughs a this, marry her.&quo...

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Something Random

The most abhorent act a father can commit

The most abhorent act a father can commit

What is the world coming to when a man can’t keep his daughter captive in a windowless room and forcing her to give birth to 7 of his children over 24 years? A man in Austria built a large multi roomed basement behind his workshop and apart from obviously denying his daughter of every basic...keep reading

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